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What meets the eye...

What meets the eye...

Look me in the eye. What do you see? A happy little girl, smileing back at you? A sweet lagh and long blond hair? They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul. But if you see a happy girl by looking deep into my eyes; you are so wrong. When I look in the mirror I see anger. A unknown face. Disepointment. Regrets. Lonelyness. Not a bright smile and shine hair. So now look me in the eye. What do you see? Can you see who I am? Who am I?

It started when my parens and I went for a trip to Bermuda. We had never traveled over sea before and all of us were really exited. We had eaven rentet the cutest little house were we were going to stay for two hwole weeks. Just mum, dad and me. Like we used to before grandmother suddenly pased away two years ago. After her suddent death mum was so mad and didnt lissen to anybody. She had just blocked everyone out and sat in her bed for months. It was a horrible time for all of us. Spesialy for mum. But now she was so much bether and she smiled again. She eaven made brabefest sometimes and went with me to the mall. It was good to have her back.

The trip started in Cuba. Not far awey form Bahamas really. But we were goning all the way to Bermuda. Like a big happy family of thre people loveing echother. We went on the chip and found oure room. It wasn't a big room, but it was cind of cosy. It was a very small room with three beds, and an eaven smaller bathroom and a tiney tyney closet that proberbly was just big anough to fit my bag. So I pushed my stuff under my bed in the corner. «Im so glad we're just staying here for one night,» dad said. «or else I think I would choke in here.» we all laghed. It wans'nt funny really, but we knew that dad thought it was so mum and I just laghed to be polight and dad belived it every time.

The first day was cind of boring. We didn't do much. Well.. It wasn't much to do eather, so I sat in the room reading this book allmost the whole day. The book were called ''Flinght 19''. the title hadn't realy got to me. But the school insisted that we read a book in the summer vication so I just grabed the first I saw and went home. When I started reading, it was all about this flight mition from Florida thet went wrong. It realy got to me. It was like I have ben reading for a minute and when I looked at the clock I had ben sitting there for three or foure hours. It was an amasing book. And I loved it. Spesialy sinse it was all about the Bermuda Treangle that went from Miami to San Juan to Bermuda. Whate a minute! Bermuda? That's were I was heading. From Cuba to Bermuda. I found a map that lied in the draer to see where we were heading. I draw the lines from Bermuda to San Juan and Miami. It formed a Treangle. Oh my God! We were heading rigt into the Bermuda Treangle!

When mum and dad came back to the room I told them what I had foud out, but they didn't belive me. «It's just a story, deare. Nothing to be afraid of.» But I wasn't so shore. What if it was true? What if we went to oure dedth and I was the only one to know? What was I going to do? No.. I should lisen to dad. It was only a silly book. Maybe there were many stories about planes, ships and peoples that had ben missing in this spesific area, but that didn't mean they were all true. Fishermen and plane disepare all the time, never to be sean again. It didn't mean that this place were spesyally exposed. It was just a silly story. But still, I didn't want to sleep that nigtht. I just lied awake in my bed stearyng at the roof. Praying that nothing wrong would happend.

Orund 7 AM I was waked by a door slamming. I'm not realy that jumpy but right now I was. My eies were wide open and my heart were beating like a horrorkane. I thougt it was just a bad dream and were about to go back to sleep when I notices something were missing. Or more spesific, -someone! My mum and dad was gone. I didn't think that it could have any normal explination at the time, like they had went to the bar or someting like that, and that was good, because it was noting like that, had hapen either. I trew on a big jacket and went out looking for my parents.

I went into the passage. «Hello? Anyone here?» I wispered. I didn't want to wake anyone in case they were all sleeping. I walked softly on my toes, trying not to make a single sound. I passed many other rooms. Some of the doors were closed, and some were open. I realy din't want to look inside the open-door rooms, but I did anyway. No one to see anywere. All the rooms were empty. «Something must be wrong,» I said to myselfe. «this isn't right.»

I kept on walking in the dark passage in my big, big jacket and my wide open eies, trying to find the stares that led to the uper deck, but I couldn't seem to finde them anywere. Suddenly I heared something. I turned around realy fast. Like when you get youre fingers burned and you automaticly snap youre hand away from the heat. Where did the sound come from? I stood totaly still. I didn't eaven take a singel breath. There it was again! It came from one of the crossing passages. I locked around and slowly I creeped in the diraction of the sound. It was like someone tride to come out. Hiting and scratshing the door in a desperate need of getting out. I saw a door moveing. Getting pushed out like when you push a door with all youre strength but without tuching the door handle. It stoped for some seconds and then it started again. It repited itselfe meny times and I jumped everytime.

Then I stood rigt in front of the door. My knees were shakeing so bad that they olmost drowned the noice from the room. I decided to take town the door handle and see wat was inside. I toock a step back and lent forwerd to reach the door handle. I tuched it with one of my fingers and later my whole hand were rapped tightly around it. My hand was swetty and my breath went thick like I was about to fade. I figured that it was much beter to just throw up the door, then to open it slowly. Who- or whatever that was incide this room proberly wanted to get the hell away from this room, so if I opened the door slowely I would just get the door in my face.

I took a big, last breth before I went for the door. I knew in my heart that this was all so wrong. That I realy shouldn't open this door, but something inside me told me that I had to find out what's behind this door. I pulled down the door handle. The door were slammed up, but not by me. I took a few steps back until I hit the wall behind me. I was like glued to the wall. With wide open eies I was wateing for what was incide the room, but nothing happend. It was so quiet that you would jump to the moon just by hearing a single pin hit the floor.

Suddenly a blach shadow run out of the room. I went cold as ice while I still were glude to the wall. What ever runed out of the room, it stoped just a few doors away. I steard at the creature. «What are you?!» I screamed. But it didn't answer. It just stared at me like it never had seen a liveing humen beaing before. For all I know, it might not.

I started to relise that the ting that looked at me actually were a humen beaing itselfe. Why not? The boat were floating around in the middle of the Bermuda Treangle. How can I know this thing weren't a person who just have ben hypnotized or something like that. The more I thougt about it, the more sertent I got. The thing looking at me, weren't a ting, but a pasanger on this ship to Bermuda, just as I was. The only thing was that it didn't behave like a human. It was breathing heverly and bend forword with its arm hanging almost in the grown. More like a zombie, like you see in all the old, bad horror movies.

Suddenly the thing started running again. I figuured out it was best to just go back to my room, but when have I ever done what's best? I run after it. Up the stares to the uper deck and all the way to the tip of the ship.

All the passangers were gatherd togeter and just stood there locking into the wather and makeing this horrible sounds. Like they were all handicapped and chokeing at the same time. Suddenly I saw that one of the things or zomies or what ever this was jumping over bord. Into the sea. Then an other one and an other one. In just seconds, halfe the people had jumped into the ocean. Thats when I got the eie on my parents. I ran to them and tried to make them come with me. But they didn't eaven seem to notice that I was there. I whaved my hans in front of them and tried to drag them back to the room. But they didn't move an inche. It was like they hade got paranormal strenth and were just glued to the floor like the tables on McDonals. I was so terrefied. Scared that this was the end of everything.

My parents started walking to the very tip of the chip. I drag theyr arms, but it had no afect what so ever. And then. They jumped. Just like that. Not eaven a single goodbye. They just jumped over bord never to be seen again. Like I wasn't there. Like they didn't care that I saw the hole thing. They just jumped. And that was it. No more mum and dougter shopping. No more dad singing while makeing brakefest. No more us. Ever!

So now when you look into a pritty, little girls shiny, blue eyes, don't let the first thing you notice be her looks, her body or her hair. If you look a little deeper into her eyes, you might see the story thats behind them. So look me in the eye. What do you see? This beautiful blue eyes have seen horrible things. Things you only can imagen. Can you see it? The terrifyed look she's giveing you? I'm telling you my story to warn you. This place is nothing to joke with. You might think it's just a horror story about a little girl who want some atention. But this is real. This place exsists. So look me in the eie, now, and tell me what you see. This eyes carry meny seacrets. Some are told and some are never to be released.

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  1. hehe veldig bra, og i ser d gjerne i øynan med første mulighet ^^

  2. det er bra det ;D da får du vel bare dra med han kompissen din å pelle deg ned hit så skal alle vi jentene så klare å møte deg vet du, supermann ^^

  3. hahaha :P ja vi får no se på det no ;)

  4. vi kan jo alltids drømme, kan vi ikke ;D vi skal i hvert fall møtes.. en eller annen gang ^^ (håper jeg :|)

  5. maaaaaange skrive feil, men bra story line :)

  6. jeg vet jeg har en del skrivefeil i både norsk og engelsk eller hva det måtte være, men bare sånn det blir, dere skjønner jo hva det betyr så orker ikke rette så mye på det x)
    tusen takk ^^