torsdag 23. september 2010


The reason why (I love you)...

I saw you staring at me. With hope in youre eyes and sadness in youre heart. You asked me the question. The question I don't know the answer to. You wanted to know the reason why, but I couldn't give youe the answer. I wanted to tell you, but I just couldn't. It was to hard. I felt like I was suffocating. Like someone grabbed me by my trothe with both hands and just didn't let go. It was hard to breathe when you asked me the quesrion. Harder then it's ever been. I wanted to tell you the reason, but I didn't know. But one thing I do know, is that I will forever seek the answer...

There are many strange things in this world. But the strangest, must be all the different feelings. Happiness, paine, sorrow. But then again there are one feeling that are the strangest of them all. The one that no one really know what is. And no one know how to control. You may know witch feeling I'm talking about, and you may think you've even felt it. But you proparly not. It's a so strong feeling that there are few who are lucky enough to feel it. Few who are lycky enough to feel such a passion burning inside. The strangest thing in the whole wide world.

This feeling can make you do strange things, even creazy things. Things you only can imagine. It makes you wanna scream out the persons name and hold them forever. You can let them do everything to you, even try to kill you, but still... you forgive them. Have you felt that feeling? The feeling that makes you wanna die for the other person. Have you felt it? That strong desire to forever hold that one person in your arms. The one and only person that makes you do all these things. Have you ever felt such a strong, strong feeling?

I don't know how and I dont know why, but as far as I know I've felt it. And I still do. Cose this is a feeling that dosn't easily just go away. Not that I wnt it to. If I could deside I would keep on feeling it forever. I whish I knew why, but I don't. I know you want me to answer your question, but for now I don't know anything more than you. I'm just as confused as you are as I'm caut up in this mess of anger, hapiness and sorrow all at once. Just by the loock of you I melt and burn and get twarn into peaces. But I never wana leave this place that I'm in right now. Here, with you.

So you may anderstand that I don't know the reason why, and i proberly never will. But still I feel it... For you, and only you! You're the one person I never wanna lose. Never wanna say goodbye to. That's for you! You're just so perfect for me. And eaven if you ask over and over for the anser, I wil still never know the reason why I LOVE YOU!

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